Master Xuyun convenient Dhamma

Master Xuyun convenient Dhamma


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Virtual public old monk, is modern sect Dade, living world one hundred twenty years, due to machine saying, wide camera affectionate. Chronicle of a person Nang, while popular in the world, James Gai Qun, countless. Taichung Zhihai Buddhist meditation classes, as well as wisdom and blessing and spiritual development agency, initiates various friends, now in Hong Kong version of Dhamma Master Xuyun convenient set, reproduced Fasch, printing on the occasion, instruct as a preamble. I believe every word of this set are all wisdom, Pu Li beings, can not be understated. Which Chan Seven Dhamma to plain words, showing the reference to repair, solid essential reading for the Zen scholar, I like prompted scholars, Ming heart and mind, life and death, the letter causation, strict discipline, where the law teaches dense net of pedestrians, read benefited greatly from the fresh salty. Though Pure Land Learning to recite the line is positive, in the past students is positive swan, then the causal precepts in all walkers, with the principle of idealism husband Wan France, there will certainly not be Huer is to order.
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