Male common control manual

Male common control manual


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Pages Number: 201 Publisher: People's Medical Pub. Date :2009-01-01 version 1. Editor used throughout the text with case stories and user-friendly approach to strokes. elaborated common with men closely related to seasonal changes. living habits. living environment. personality characteristics such as the impact of the disease. and male common symptoms. examination. treatment and the patient's feelings and experiences. Book is a reasonable arrangement to allow readers to check for the majority of male friends and family to read. is a rare Collection of men's health. Contents: Chapter classic case of hair loss [] [] [Symptoms of expert advice] [project] checking (a) the best inspection program (2) inspect the results of analysis and diagnosis (c) check the note [treatment] (a) the most Best traditional Chinese medicine treatment was elected (B) Western adjuvant therapy (C) soybean magical effect. to help you germinal (D) treatment [Note] Chapter II emission control experience . . Chapter III Chapter IV premature ejaculation Balanitis Chapter prostatitis Chapter VI Chapter VII of male infertility prostate Seminal Chapter VIII Chapter IX Chapter X cystitis. epididymitis. hematuria Chapter XI Chapter XII Chapter XIII of varicocele male common hemorrhoids Health Act XIV Chapter XV Chapter XVI daily care of patients with common men to prevent in Appendix
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