Mad about English 4 Makeover

Mad about English 4 Makeover


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"Mad about English " Do not just let you smiled to read , the content is the starting point so that you can know more practical and fun phrases and idioms spoken ; This is more than a few thousand words back is more important , and easy . Comic coherent plot and characters interesting, exaggerated facial expressions , so that you understand the various statements in the correct usage in different contexts , not , as usual, by some evasive Chinese translation so confused .

Best book to read object : get to pass the exam to graduate students at all levels ; want to work overtime but want to raise workers ; want to be children despised modern parents ; afraid to provoke laughter wrinkles E generation beauty ; too lazy to back words but want learn English people ; want to get to know , " six" of what people in his ; going abroad to learn from people who want to improve listening and speaking abilities ; want to increase the " stage effect ," the English teacher.

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