Mad About English (1) Life is fun

Mad About English (1) Life is fun


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People saying: "Food, eating the emperor," regardless of what language learning, the argument about the diet is definitely one of the primary learning courses. Eat and drink is not only the most important issue of language learning, inside also contains a cultural meaning. In this episode, Jenny particular race living abroad to join some of the actual realization, to help you learn more into nirvana, I hope to help everyone English skill to the next level.

"Mad About English" Do not just let you smiled to read, the content is the starting point so that you can know more practical and fun phrases and idioms spoken; This is more than a few thousand words back is more important, and easy the. Comic coherent plot and characters interesting, exaggerated facial expressions, so that you understand the various statements in the correct usage in different contexts, not, as usual, by some evasive Chinese translation made ​​hazy!
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