M Code Tide

M Code Tide


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Pages Number: 149 Language: Chinese. Publisher : CITIC Publishing House Pub. Date :2010-05-01. gentleman. yuppie. Sven. Hip Hop. Business. Japanese . . varied styles. try out; T-shirt. jeans. polo shirts. suits. vests. glasses. canvas shoes . . common men and single items to create cool wave. The tide Male password Little P teachers who shape up books. presents fashion trends for our taste. unique style. so that every wave of people to do the main characters life. Book through the male-wave type four-type. full wave emerged male character to help you. The first wave of male-style: clothing. From the T-shirt. jeans. polo shirts to suits. shirts. vests. etc. and match the characteristics of clothing so that you reflect your own special taste. with a small P teacher to teach you the secret weapon of transformation specific to your own style. The second wave of male-style: hairstyle. The teacher will give you a small
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