Know all mysteries in the world

Know all mysteries in the world


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Pages Number: 296 Language: Chinese. Unsolved mysteries of the world know all about made a comprehensive and in-depth analytical. from the ancient legend. recount terror prophecy. the root of the nation. forgotten by history of civilization debris. various aspects of the wonders of the earth. the other side of world history events. such as unsolved mysteries.

" Unsolved Mysteries whole world know," edited by the fish in the water . Condemned in endless circles history, mankind has created a brilliant civilization of the world , and gave and left behind a large number of bewildering mystery - the Trojan War erupted really do ? Newton's black box hidden in a secret ? Babylonian Babel repair where ? Why not create World War II German atomic bomb ? Egyptian pyramids number of hidden riddle ? Why the submarine sank the Titanic ? Who built Stonehenge in Britain huge ? Why Hitler ordered the massacre of the Jews ? Why Washington refused to run for a third president ? Emperor of Japan after World War II to escape the trial of the mystery ? Mysterious death of Napoleon What is the truth ? Why Kennedy family tragedies continue ? Historical legacy to the people in the end ...... What unsolved mystery ? " Unsolved Mysteries whole world know that" made ​​a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, from ancient legends began to recount the dire predictions , ethnic roots , forgotten by history of civilization, debris , earth wonders, world history, major events on the other side other aspects of the mystery. " Unsolved Mysteries whole world to know " into the mysterious history gallery , open a section of tales and puzzles , growth in the exploration of life experience , in contemplation shoulder the historic mission towards unlimited broad , unlimited wonderful the future of the world !
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