Innovative Experimental Basis of Modern Mechanical Engineering Tutorials

Innovative Experimental Basis of Modern Mechanical Engineering Tutorials


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Pages Number: 194 Language: Chinese. Publisher: Chongqing University Press Pub. Date :2011-04-01. innovative experimental basis of modern mechanical engineering tutorials According to the Ministry of Education of Mechanical Design Reform of the education curriculum and teaching the basic requirements and new standards issued by the preparation of relevant national. integrated creative design. mechanical principles. mechanical design. mechanical engineering. mechanical engineering materials. interchangeability and measurement technology. automotive dismantling and driving. and other single the basis of modern mechanical engineering and innovative experiment. integration of a single comprehensive compilation of experimental tutorial and improve the basis for the modern mechanical engineering innovative experimental tutorial instructions. The basis of innovative experiments of Modern Mechanical Engineering Course. is divided into four parts. a total of 9. The first part includes introduction and Chapter 1. mechanical engineering laboratory equipment for the modern knowledge; second part consists of Chapter 2 to Chapter 4. the basis for the mechanical engineering and mechanical innovation and experiment; the third part includes Chapter 5 to Chapter 7 for the measurement technology and engineering materials and experimental mechanics based experiments; fourth part includes Chapters 8 and 9. the basis for the car and driving experiments. The basis of innovative experiments of Modern Mechanical Engineering Course as a higher mechanical experimental teaching of professional books. or as a professional class of non-mechanical basic course students in mechanical design creative design experiments and experimental students book. Contents: Chapter 1 test 1.1 test machine based on cognitive principles of field notes mechanical teaching experiment 1.2 1.3 1.4 mechanical parts on-site teaching experimental hydraulic testing machine (a) About 1.5 hydraulic test machine (b) Introduction 1.6 Introduction 1.7 resistance strain measurement of static figures resistance strain gauge torsion test machine Introduction 1.8 Introduction to Chapter 2 of Basic Experimental 2.1 Hydrodynamic Bearings and Oil pressure and friction simulation and experimental testing of the efficiency of experimental gear 2.2 2.3 2.4 bolt of static and dynamic test machine with 2.5 demolition Transmission Experiment Experimental equipment and structural analysis of mechanical transmission properties 2.6 2.7 Integrated Test Rolling comprehensive testing and analysis of experimental design and multi-axis 2.8-lap mechanical transmission experiments in Chapter 3 of the original mechanical
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