Information Security Risk Assessment Tutorial

Information Security Risk Assessment Tutorial


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Pages Number: 164 Language: Simplified Chinese Publisher: Wuhan University Press; 1st edition (July 1. 2011). Wu Xiaoping. to pay Yu edited by Information Security Risk Assessment Guide a more systematic introduction to information security risks the basic concepts of assessment. risk factors and distribution. evaluation criteria and processes. risk assessment tools and the basic methods to construct a risk assessment model in the information security risks of integrated assessment models and computer network space to discuss information security risk management principles and risk control strategies. the case of information security risk assessment and information security risk assessment standards. Content-rich. well-structured. clear concepts. and language fluency in layman's language and distinctive features. inspiring. focus on linking theory with practice and students' ability to cultivate. the book is complete. systematic. and easy to teaching. Information Security Risk Assessment Guide can be used as a professional high school students in institutions of higher learning information security. computer science and technology. communication and information engineering materials. are also available for information security research institutes. large enterprises and government departments engaged in information security management workers. engineers and technicians to learn the reference.
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