Full Diagram of Human Manual (Chinese Edition)

Full Diagram of Human Manual (Chinese Edition)


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Pages Number: 207
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: Henan Science and Technology Press Pub.
Date: 2009 - 08-01.

What is the human body composition. how is it functioning? The role of each organ is it? Life in the end is coming and how to reproduce it . . Oh. I see . . this is a book about a detailed explanation of the structure of the human body. but also help you find a taste of their own health readers! Is an illness you do not grasp the wisdom of the health guide book! Contents: Introduction to the beginning of life - cell and cell life genes the smallest unit of human tissue body composition of the process of cell division genes mysterious combination of the double helix of genetic factors on how parents pass to children. a boy or woman will be personality determinants
Chapter 1 Genetic do little under the mystery of the universe - the brain of any computer brain can not be compared the structure of the brain left brain and right brain stem of the structure of the structure of the cerebellum emotions come from how memory is how creative Why alcohol will produce in the brain to sleep drunk what kind of state secret of the biological clock in
Chapter 2 of the communication network throughout the body - the spinal cord and nerve bundles of spinal cord nerve nerve brings together the thin cable around the body afferent efferent
Chapter 3 of autonomic nerve highly sensitive information capture device - facial skin and eyes to observe the world with three-dimensional imaging tool to identify the principles of the principles of color and balance of the ear and hearing the sound sense of the relevant principles to identify the principle of maintaining balance the principle of air pressure adjustment.

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