Figure Studies Revised Induction (Part 2 Edition)

Figure Studies Revised Induction (Part 2 Edition)


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Pages Number: 215
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: Posts Telecom Press
Pub. Date :2010-07-01.

Figure appliance repair school (2) is a plug-cooker school repair. the revised version. The book to the United States. the two brands Pentium cooker. for example. from the understanding of components. circuit analysis study began. progressive approach to introduce a special induction failure and failure of common maintenance methods. in particular. introduced the principle of single-chip cooker and maintenance methods. highlighting the practicality of maintenance. easy to readers to judge the whole. Figure Studies Revised Induction (2) the use of digital camera technology. a true shooting of maintenance tools. components. circuit board form. content and popular. intuitive. easy to understand illustrations. In addition. the appliance repair Figure Studies (2) Appendix provides a large number of induction cooker in the circuit diagram and maintenance of data for easy queries. Figure Studies Revised Induction (2) for household appliances maintenance personnel to read and learn. Contents: Chapter 1. the type of appliance. construction and use of the development process of an induction cooker. types and properties of the construction of section 2 of a cooker. shell composed of two internal electrical structure of three or four machine cooling. the general structure of induction cooker monitoring software Section 3. a circuit of induction cooker. the main power input unit two. three inverter modules. synchronous control unit four. PWM pulse width control unit five. IGBT six-tube drive unit. the smart control unit seven. eight low-voltage power supply unit. wave Bay Protection Unit IX. IGBT voltage control C overpressure protection unit ten. IGBT tube temperature sampling unit XI Add hot temperature sampling unit with twelve. thirteen current sampling unit. sampling unit fourth grid voltage. cooling fans and bees Buzzer driver fifteen. and function keys select the display unit XVI cooker pot seized of the process and working conditions of Section 4 of the new generation single-chip circuit induction cooker induction principle and the difference between a conventional synchronous oscillation control circuit II Protection Unit Third. the current detection IV. IGBT driver circuit five. six key display circuit. other circuit elements in Chapter 2. Section 1 of Figure recognize components of a resistor. resistor type. name and symbol b. resistors and its Three good or bad judgments. identify four resistors. single-chip motherboard specific resistance of the induction cooker capacitor Section 2 Section 3 A inductive components. power transformers Second. the three current transformers. chokes IV. Section 4 of the transistor coil plate First. the diode. transistor three. IGBT control ICs for a Section 5. MCU II. III voltage comparator. IGBT driver IC dedicated four-tube. switching power supply control IC V. Section 6 of digital integrated circuits and other components Parts I. II crystal. the buzzer three. four touch switches. fuse five or six power cord. mounting screws Chapter 3 Methods of induction of general maintenance overhaul of an induction of a tools and instruments. electric heating electric soldering iron Second. needle nose pliers. diagonal pliers. vise three. four wire stripper. tweezers. brushes. oil paints five. six screwdriver. rosin. solder seven tin suction. syringe needles. eight shield. alcohol. days that water. detergent. Hair dryer. automatic painting. electronic silicone gel nine. ten meter. auto-voltage transformers and isolation transformers eleven. twelve mobile switchboard. plus repair wok cooker with Section 2 should be with the conditions and precautions one should have the conditions for maintenance of the second appliance. appliance maintenance
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