Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems and ADAMS Application Tutorial

Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems and ADAMS Application Tutorial


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This book introduces the virtual product development and virtual prototyping technology features , content and applications , the mechanical system dynamics analysis and simulation capabilities in the digital prototype important role , and multi- body dynamics of the basic theory, including multi- body system dynamic modeling, flexible multibody system dynamics modeling, multi-body system dynamics equations and multi-body system dynamics rigidity (Stiff) problem ; then combined with software ADAMS ADAMS software further describes the basic algorithms, including ADAMS the concept of modeling , kinematics analysis algorithms , dynamic analysis algorithms, linear static analysis and analysis of algorithms, and the ADAMS software integrator.
The book features :
The main book edited by Chen Liping , Zhang Yunqing , Ren Wei Qun, Qin Gang research in this field has many years experience in the development and engineering applications . They are for domestic multi-body dynamics , digital functional prototype technology growing demand , combined with technical mathematics and engineering application status to the international representative of the complex mechanical system dynamics modeling and simulation platform ADAMS , for example, the mechanical digitizing functional prototype modeling theory, methods , solving common platform architecture , the secondary development of dedicated simulation system , a typical industrial application examples and other aspects of comprehensive, specific , and vividly described.
Audience : This book can be used as electrical and mechanical engineering undergraduate colleges , graduate of the " Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems " curriculum materials , engaged in digitization functional prototype mechanical system modeling , seeking angle , specialized secondary development of engineering simulation personnel has important practical value.
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