Drawing Tips

Drawing Tips


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Pages Number: 222 Publisher: Shanghai People s Fine Arts Publishing House Pub. Date :2005-03-01. Sketch of the know-how to us to paint a complete way. you can use this method for all types of art - even if you have doubt your ability to paint. This method is based on 55 painting tips above. and be introduced gradually. Every trick in the introduction. the all with a large number of practical exercises for better learning. Sketch of the know-how in the will introduce some useful concepts: such as: What is the stack of pens. fusion. mapping. exaggerated; What is freedom of gesture control gestures. but also how to use; What is the lighting effects. depth effect. stroke pen fruit . how performance; What is creative painting how to stimulate the imagination. 55 specific tips to improve drawing ability. 48 self-help master the skills courses. eight self-assessment to assess their progress in the list. let them take you to new understanding of visual art. told us: As long as hold a pen. you can learn to paint. Contents: Preface Chapter induced internal dialogue to paint the steps outlined word observation and understanding of the blind draw squinting law shape individual consciousness focusing method developed Chapter gesture artists
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