Digital Clothing Design Tutorial with Example Design chapter 2

Digital Clothing Design Tutorial with Example Design chapter 2


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" Digital costume design tutorial examples : design articles 2" will continue to enrich the costume design material , expanding the scope and variety of costume design enthusiasts and learners more Feng Huan colorful , fine quality material , costume design for the Chinese teaching and provide more practical path and methodological reference. Effectively play school clothing for professional expertise, has important practical significance , is undoubtedly necessary to improve the level of practical work clothing .
21st century people clothing pursuit of beauty far beyond simple imitation , blindly chase stage , "practical , economic, aesthetic ," the concept of consumption will increasingly faster to the " beautiful, practical and economic " transformation . The use of computer technology will greatly enhance the costume design , painting , production, operating system, the various elements of the correlation, at the technical level , such as plate, jigsaw , pieces, embroidery and many other areas where the use of digital technology is a comprehensive alternative to manual and semi- automated production, so that the clothing production to avoid human error caused more perfect specification. However, in the costume design, especially early in the clothing field of painting . Performance of computer-aided design and digital technology practical study materials is very slow , lagged far behind in the field of garment production and related design arts .
Fashion Design Promotion current digital technology easy to operate , and promote systematic fashion design material , standardization , digitization is the goal of this tutorial series writing . Each branch is operating in costume design examples as the key to the current fashion apparel design original material - Wear objects , accessories, objects and uniforms Pictured supplement industry to achieve costume design teaching and practical training in digital technology the perfect combination of material .
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