Digital Clothing Design Tutorial with Example Design chapter 1

Digital Clothing Design Tutorial with Example Design chapter 1


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Fashion Design Promotion current digital technology easy to operate , and promote systematic fashion design material , standardization , digitization is the goal of this tutorial series writing . Each branch is operating in costume design examples as the key to the current fashion apparel design original material - Wear objects , accessories, objects and uniforms Pictured supplement industry to achieve costume design teaching and practical training in digital technology the perfect combination of material .
The publication of this tutorial series to fill the current costume design vector material blank . All design material in the book are made from clothing professional colleges professors and experts drawn . This series of tutorial normative science , a simple and practical. Material Legend draw detailed, beautifully designed style style trends keep up with today . Fashion design is very good beginner tutorials on designer clothes or in terms of employees is very fast and convenient and practical material templates , greatly improving the efficiency of the diagram . Learners and lovers of fashion design master professional software to draw in a relaxed and skills, but also through the book accompanying CD artwork in a large number of original material , learn to design and re-creation of a variety of clothing elements such as color, fabrics, patterns , style changes , modify the user during operation , they can be any local artwork for separate treatment , such as zoom, delete, etc. , shall not affect any element to the side . The book provides material to the most commonly used are Al and PSD format , available to the user , based on personal habits to modify the software operation and use , and can be freely exported in any format.
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