Diagram of Chinese Acupoints (Chinese-English)

Diagram of Chinese Acupoints (Chinese-English)


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Châm cứu theo huyệt vị (có hình minh hoạ Hoa-Anh)

It is known that the precise of acupoint location is essential to clinical success. This book is written with "accuracy, practicality and simplicity" as guiding principles. The locations of acupuncture points reflect the government standards and currently acknowledged standards.

The author has combined more than 20 years of clinical and teaching experience to introduce easy point location methods and needling techniques for particular locations. Clear lined drawings detail the points of the fourteen meridians, commonly used extra points and points of the micro-acupuncture systems. The fourteen meridians are divided into various segments for comparisons that are helpful for clinical applications.

Furthermore, the author systematically covers the most commonly used points in their entirety; the author also has collected and organized the materials documenting the micro-acupuncture systems which provide invaluable options for clinical acupuncture treatment.

Table of ContentsChapter One Commonly used methods to locate acupuncture points
Chapter Two Acupuncture Points (15 sections)
1.Distribution of the fourteen channels
2.Points of the lung channel of hand-taiyin
3.Points of the large intestine channel of hand-yangming
4.Points of the stomach channel of foot-yangming
5.Points of the spleen channel of foot-taiyin
6.Points of the heart channel of the hand-shaoyin
7.Points of the small intestine channel of the hand-taiyang
8.Points of the bladder channel of the foot-taiyang
9.Points of the kidney channel of the foot-shaoyin
10.Points of the pericardium channel of the hand-jueyin
11.Points of the sanjiao channel of the hand-shaoyang
12.Points of the gall bladder channel of the foot-shaoyang
13.Points of the liver channel of the foot-jueyin
14.Points of the Du Channel
15.Points of the Ren channel

Chapter Three Commonly used extraordinary points
Chapter Four Micro-acupuncture (10 sections)
1.Ear acupuncture
2.Scalp acupuncture
3.Eye acupuncture
4.Face acupuncture
5.Nose acupuncture
6.Hand acupuncture
7.Foot acupuncture
8.Ankle and wrist acupuncture
9.Hand projection acupuncture
10.Projection of the body acupuncture on the foot
Appendix: Major groups of local points
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