Creative Packaging Design (Chinese Edition)

Creative Packaging Design (Chinese Edition)


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The main readers of this book is designers, content are: paper packaging design, plastic packaging structure design, glass packaging structure design.
"Packaging modeling creative design" primary audience for designers, content, namely: paper packaging design, structural design of plastic packaging, glass packaging design. Around common packaging materials, paper, plastic, glass and other materials, design elements of guidance, the design considerations for naming and packaging design with excellent picture described cases, making books readable and artistic.
Pages. Number The: 145 packaging design is based on the characteristics of the packaged goods. their environment and customer requirements. select materials. technology. scientific design inside and outside the structure of the packaging container or products. The design is an indispensable prerequisite for packaging design and an important part of the creative packaging design is conducive to strengthening the practical and convenient features of the packaging.  
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