Oct 9, 2013

Chinese version of Illustrator CS5 perfect creative design and production of 300 cases


Pages Number: 226 Publisher: Science Pub. Date :2011-6-1. Wen Xin studio edited Case Storm: illustratorcs5 perfect creative design and production (with CD-ROM Chinese version) from the practical application. a comprehensive description illustrator by example applications in all walks of life. in-depth to explain the image and vector graphics creation skills. so that readers in the short term use of master illustrator and application skills. The book is divided into 20 chapters. each offer a number of classic examples. as follows: Chapter 1 word effects special effects. texture mapping in Chapter 2. Chapter 3. vector drawing. graphic design in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 photos decorative design. special effects design in Chapter 6. Chapter 7. making graphics and designs. Chapter 8. in-kind painting. company logo design Chapter 9. Chapter 10. art painting. cartoon scenes Chapter 11. Chapter 12. product packaging design. the first 13 book design. Chapter 14 cd disc design. product design Chapter 15. Chapter 16. poster design. Chapter 17 buttons and web interface design. Chapter 18 draws clothing and footwear. interior design Chapter 19. Chapter 20 living design. Case Storm: illustratorcs5 perfect creative design and production (with CD-ROM Chinese version). richly-illustrated. easy to use. operational and practical. For the basic operation of the illustrator has some understanding of the early. intermediate users. and in graphic design. advertising design. product packaging design and other related work practitioners. This book comes with a dvd disc contains examples of the use of the material. to provide examples of ai file format. the final renderings. and 300 instances of the video tutorial. Contents: Chapter 1 effects word effect instance 001 production wave effect of the text instance 002 produce the aurora effect of text instances 003 made hollow three-dimensional color word instance 004 produced chrome-plated metal word instance 005 produced thorns word instance 006 production filling effect word in Chapter 2 to draw the texture instance Draw 008 007 Draw feathers peony instance instance instance 010 009 rendering flame drawing flame soccer instance button instance 012 011 rendering draw amber wall texture vector drawing in Chapter 3
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