Chinese Holstein dairy cattle breeding practical technology

Chinese Holstein dairy cattle breeding practical technology


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This book is more comprehensive introduction to the case of Chinese Holstein breed, according to the characteristics of the species and breed cows during different physiological characteristics, the preparation of the breed cows selection, feed and ration formulation, feeding management and breeding of four chapters the technical content. Including dairy production and control of diseases, the book also contains a Holstein dairy farming can be widely used in new experiences, new technologies. These technical content equally available to other breeds of cattle farming personnel refer to the application; concerning reproductive technology can provide a reference for the beef cattle production. Book illustrations and simple accessibility. Suitable for dairy technicians, dairy farmers and cattle undertakings engaged in animal husbandry and veterinary workers to read. Also be used as animal husbandry and veterinary colleges reference materials.

Reading this book, you can compare the system to solve production often encountered some technical problems, and can achieve different physiological periods in dairy cows, according to indicators keep a good Chinese Holstein cows and the effect of increasing milk production.
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