By Aquatic Economic Animal Breeding Science

By Aquatic Economic Animal Breeding Science


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Pages Number: 470 Publisher: Ocean Pub. Date :2011-08-01 version 1. Aquatic economic animals by breeding science teaching reform to adapt to the needs of fish. shrimps. crabs. shellfish and other aquatic animals by breeding theory and re-integration of technology. creation of a new comprehensive professional courses. This economic animals by breeding aquatic science by Ming-Yun Li. chief editor of the focus on the general theory and common technology. but also pay attention to the major categories of conventional varieties and breeding varieties with high quality. technology introduction and application of principles. and strive to fully reflect the aquatic animals. domestic and international economic growth in today's farming industry and the level of development of new research results and new technologies. Aquatic animals by breeding economic study primarily for teaching use of aquaculture institutions of higher learning; also available for other professionals associated with fisheries and aquatic science and technology institutions and research institutes. managers and aquaculture producers for reference. Contents: Introduction by fish farming first general principles and techniques chapter by the environment and regulation of aquaculture water aquaculture waters by Section II by type and characteristics of non-living environment aquaculture waters by aquaculture waters III biological environment Section by the environmental regulation of aquaculture water chapter of nursery plants and pond design and construction section nursery plant design and construction of fish ponds II design and construction of the third quarter crustacean farm planning the construction of the fourth quarter with a large water fish facilities and construction of a third chapter of aquatic animals by breeding varieties of artificial larval rearing section of the artificial breeding of fish biology and artificial breeding of shrimp General Technology Section of the biological basis General Technical Section crabs and the artificial breeding biology and general techniques of artificial breeding of the fourth quarter shellfish biology and general technical second major economic growth of fish farming Chapter IV Section pond food fish breeding Fish Cage Culture II III IV factory fish farming integrated rice-fish culture fish Chapter V Protection of fish resources and protection of fish resources proliferation Section II fish and transplantation of artificial releasing large inland water fish domestication III Chapter VI Section affect the transport of live fish transport live fish survival rate of the main factors commonly used in Section III to improve methods of transportation of live fish survival rate of transport of live fish measures under Chapter VII of the winter water fish winter Section II the basic characteristics of the physiological status of overwintering fish in the winter fish died during the third quarter of the fourth quarter because of measures to improve the survival rate of fish overwintering third major economic cultivation of shrimps and crabs by the major economies of Chapter VIII Section shrimp aquaculture farming vannamei shrimp culture in Japan II III IV Japan Macrobrachium Macrobrachium aquaculture farming crawfish V Chapter IX of the major economic crab breeding breeding breeding section crab Scylla serrata cultured Section III trituberculatus Chapter crustacean aquaculture shrimp proliferation proliferation first section two crab proliferation Section trituberculatus Chapter XI of reproduction and releasing crabs crabs pond polyculture pond section of the wheel support integrated farming techniques polyculture fish technology Section III crabs shrimp pond shellfish and crab pond polyculture technology fourth major economic growth of shellfish aquaculture Chapter XII fixation and adhesion of shellfish aquaculture oyster...
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