Buddhism and Confucianism

Buddhism and Confucianism


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Pages Number: 324

Language: Chinese .

Publisher: Zhongzhou Ancient Books Publishing House; 1 (January 1. 2001) .

Among the various sects in the Buddhist emphasis on the most straightforward to grasp. true colors and sub-fields is Zen. but the ideological basis for the Zen to make the greatest contribution to the original of a by religion Kegon school. Buddhism and Confucianism. write from the Hua Yan School began writing. the reason why. but Buddhism and Confucianism. The reason why the Ambiguity of the Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment. the philosophy of consciousness with the Flower Adornment Sutra. the philosophical analogy. Because I believe that one would have sex by teaching here reflects the sharp twists and turns. to establish a landscape very different philosophical systems. and accurately grasp that twists and variations on the understanding of subsequent changes in the Song and Ming thought to provide an important clue.In the most straightforward among the various denominations of Buddhism emphasizes master the "true colors" and "sub-field" is Zen, Zen and the ideological basis for the most significant contribution was "originally taught by nature a" Kegon school. "Buddhism and Confucianism," penned from the Kegon school started, the reason why, but "Buddhism and Confucianism," The reason why the Ambiguity of "enlightenment through" philosophy consciously with "Sutra" philosophy par, is because I believe that the "original religion of a ride" here reflects a distinct twists and turns, to establish a system of philosophy look very different, accurately grasp the twists and turns of this variation, the understanding of the later Neo-thinking changes provide important clues.
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