Big Collection a little bit of progress every day

Big Collection a little bit of progress every day


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Pages Number: 421
Language: Chinese .
Publisher: Chinese Overseas Publishing House
Pub. Date :2010-10-01.

We can not demand absolute perfect happiness. but a little bit of happiness every day very easy. A casual interest. appreciation. gratitude. will make life long. He stirred ripples of happiness. Happy day. a little bit. over time. and our happiness will always stay together. A little bit of happiness every day. you can gradually change in the subtle state of your life. make life enjoyable. A little bit every day happy. happiness be far behind? People. man. there is sentiment in its spirituality. It is the sentiment of life bit by bit so that more intelligent today than yesterday: Heart community more open. clearer state of mind. mind is more mature and understand the meaning of life. We hurried through the years only through a better perception when more precipitation. it should only get the value. Sentiment a little bit every day. mature. be far behind? Effort is a successful start. the brilliant flower of life. thanks to the efforts of hard work watering. resonant song of life is inseparable from beginning to struggle. But the effort is not suddenly can achieve their goals. but from a little start from point to plane. from near to far. from small to big. from weak to strong. they finally reached a successful end. Work a little bit every day. you will get surprises; work a little bit every day. and gradually develop your perseverance and good habits. Work a little bit every day. success will be far behind? Every day a little bit of progress in large Collection (Value Platinum Edition) from a little bit of happiness every day. Every day a little sentiment. a little bit hard every day. the reader how the three aspects of the history of life a little progress each day. so step by step to success in life and glory. Contents: Happy first day of life a little bit beyond the plight of the first chapter of a tree and do not waste your life to God for all who do not fall as much as the road ideas in a familiar way to put themselves in the decision. overcoming the fear of empathy not change the environment to change their trust. suspicion to stop a man to look elsewhere to loneliness to become accustomed to delays in fat do not let you lie to nothing to help others learn to strive for breakthroughs in the second chapter of the weaknesses of human nature is not something you think things as self-handicapping Do not live too complicated a lot of trouble actually very simple things are often asked for it from another angle. different from no winner in the debate that we need friends. but more popular dead than rivals. not to Institute flexible than others. do not be stubborn fool the secret of happiness is: do not make things difficult for themselves in a different way of thinking. a breakthrough mind-set to accept the fact that the first step in overcoming the tragic suffering of the third chapter is a wealth of sea vessels is not without Injured setback is the ticket to success is the stairway to heaven painful failure is a life of wealth shame is a required course in life defects to confront anyone can create a miracle crisis is turning difficult chapter. and sometimes Instead. the opportunity to open another door of life that your life is perhaps the lucky rabbit regret not doing unnecessary insistence. to learn to turn there is no absolute good. there is no absolute evil diamond Chapter observation is the search for life opportunity to change the detector can find the opportunity of life is the backbone of the belief in life never give up their dreams tongue is beauty or the beast like the less small. tight-lipped about the most important action. saying only that if one-third can only allow the world to guest. so thrifty You benefit from
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