0 ~ 4-year-old infant Games Wikipedia

0 ~ 4-year-old infant Games Wikipedia


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Pages Number: 524
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: Science Books pregnant Wikipedia
Pub. Date: 2011-01-01.

Play is the child s nature. games are infants and young children an indispensable part of life. For infants and young children. play and learning as important. can promote infants of various abilities. But many parents spend most of the time for children to play on the disapproval. or even try to dissuade their children play. Game problems for young children. the book features based on physical and mental development of infant. carefully prepared book of this game. to stimulate the body s activity infant. thinking and understanding. in order to promote the growth of infants and young children. let children play out. spirituality. health and wisdom to play out. Contents: Development of intelligence in the game the first chapter of a infant mental capacity. intelligence and the elements 1. Why intellectual property 2. Intelligence elements 3. Concerned about the baby s important milestone in the two mental development. infant mental one which should be developed. Speech - Language Intelligence 2. Logic - the number of rational force 3. Music - Rhythm Intelligence 4. Visual - spatial intelligence 5. Body - kinesthetic intelligence 6. Knew - introspective intelligence 7. Communication - Communication Intelligence Chapter intellectual development of infants and young children with games one game on the role of intellectual development of infants and young children two fun games intellectual development of infants and young children 1. Family Game Notes 2. Suitable for three-play family games. Puzzle the more the better 1. Mule path 2. Open book 3. About promoting 4. Stepping back 5. Walk independently 6. Climb hill 7. On the train 8. Climbing 9. Fly 10. Understanding of cats. dogs. chickens. four ducks. hearing ability and the game 1. 2 hearing. Development process hearing 3. Harm the baby hearing the culprit 4. Hearing five training games. language ability and Game 1. Language and speech means different things 2. Language development stage 3. Factors that affect the baby language development 4. 5 the relationship between language and thought. Language training game six. motor ability and game 1. Parents how to determine the baby s ability to sense movement behind 2. Motor ability training game seven. perception and Game 1. Scoop the ball 2. Cut the cake 3. To help animals find homes 4. Mud game 5. 6 with the body paint. Pellets game 7. Catch itch 8. Linen brush body 9. Ice Game 10. Hair games 11. Hair
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