Vocuabulary for New HSK exam, level 4, detailed explanations and exercises

Vocuabulary for New HSK exam, level 4, detailed explanations and exercises


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"Vocuabulary for New HSK exam, level 4, detailed explanations and exercises" for the International Cultural Exchange School of Tongji University teachers compiled specifically for the new HSK four candidates vocabulary manuals. Commonly used vocabulary syllabus covers 1200 to pinyin order, each word has a corresponding part of speech, sentence, word search with and derivative that allows students to grasp and accurate use. With related exercises and answers, to facilitate the timely self-test. Classroom or self-study can be used.

This book is a tool for foreign language teaching service book, with the new HSK four syllabus prescribed for the collection of 1,200 vocabulary words written in scope. Especially for the new HSK four foreigners back to use, but also for foreign language teachers and the ultimate level of Chinese learners use and reference.

Each entry includes the following: alphabet, part of speech, English, then, to explain the usage of common wrong sentences, sentences and expand vocabulary. Which are the words to explain the usage of common collocations and synonyms comparison group. Interpretation in the language, the book seeks to easy to understand, try to control the 1200 words or less, and a few super just for vocabulary, the book also made English explanation. Common sentence is wrong in the teaching process Editors students gathered interlanguage corpus, the book not only to the wrong sentence but with corrections game. Most of sentences taken from the examination of the perfect new HSK four, a few sentences difficulty in composing new HSK four exams fairly. Expand vocabulary words in 1200 with entry relationship with Lenovo vocabulary set, this will help students master word-building instructions forming system in the brain vocabulary network, easy to remember, but after an extended vocabulary with serial number to enable the students Find the original word. In addition, the manual set with vocabulary exercises, exercises in the form with the new HSK four exam questions to prepare, it can effectively test the learner master the vocabulary level.
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