Vietnamese Basic Course 3 (PDF+MP3)

Vietnamese Basic Course 3 (PDF+MP3)


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This textbook is "Vietnamese Basic Course" revision. Absorbed in the revision of all aspects of the comments, suggestions and the latest research results, and with reference to the Vietnamese Vietnamese textbooks published in recent years, the original three expanded to four. Made the necessary updates to the text, so that the content closer to contemporary life; according to new research on the grammatical system has been adjusted; expanded practice section, more flexible and diverse forms, increasing learners' interest in learning.
The second volume of 15 lessons, taught Vietnamese basic grammar and sentence. Each lesson of the text, grammar, exercises, and extensive reading texts and other parts, the vocabulary of about 1100.
Book with Vietnamese experts tape recorded.
Press Special Note: Teaching tape comes only textbook for teachers, general readers to buy no gifts.

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