TOEFL iBT Writing

TOEFL iBT Writing


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"The new TOEFL Writing Scriptures" collected in 2006 and 2007 successive new TOEFL writing the perfect combination, which is the Chinese candidates have access to almost the only one new TOEFL Writing Zhenti book. "The new TOEFL Writing Scriptures" Another highlight is our handpicked over 100 common mediocre English sentences. Each sentence are from the Chinese TOEFL candidates were selected from an essay, with a typical representation. "The new TOEFL Writing Scriptures" From the perspective of diction and rhetoric of these sentences carried out a detailed in-depth explanation. Wonderful rhetoric lies: Just a minute, sand-like mediocrity sentence can send gold luster! New Channel School senior teacher Mr. DaVid Hathaway also "new TOEFL Writing Scriptures," the writing guidance gives some valuable suggestions. I believe the "new TOEFL Writing Scriptures" must make you quickly become familiar with the new TOEFL Writing questions and help you carry out targeted writing exercises.
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