Sep 25, 2013

The Kenkyusha Dictionary of English Collocations


Edited by R. M. V. Collick
The Kenkyusha Dictionary of English Collocations
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | 2005 | ISBN: 7560050662 | 1950 pages | File type: PDF | 413 mb

In recent years, the majority of teachers and students increasingly feel collocations in the importance of learning English. However, the authority of the specialized market with a large monograph in English but it is rare. Based on this situation, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press after the selection, introduction to publishing English dictionaries Kyo Japanese Research Society (Kenkyusha) classic dictionary - "English collocation bible", with its blueprint for editing process, and ultimately to "English with a big dictionary "This new look to the readers.
As the study of the English language press roll to make, "English Collocation Dictionary" has the following salient features; 1) with extremely rich, contains a total of 38 million articles, the first among similar dictionaries; 2) examples of the true nature, the choice of sentence rather remarkable ingenuity, and practical. 3) dictionaries choreography Science, easy to use. Centre words and collocations respectively italic and bold appear in alphabetical order collocation, a project to understand, easy to find. Instructions and explanatory notes before dictionaries clearly described, a reading that is out.
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