Tatashishi Xue Yingyu — Yingyu Xuexi Nixiangfa Jiangzuo

Tatashishi Xue Yingyu — Yingyu Xuexi Nixiangfa Jiangzuo


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Professor Zhong Daolong's "sense to learn English - English learning inverse method lecture" since 2000 by the China Education Television has produced and broadcast to inspiring righteousness, touched people's experience, the sense of methods and remarkable effect, causing the audience's strong resonance and great response. Television stations in major cities in the country has hit more than 110 rounds, encourage and guide learners to embark on numerous successful way of learning English.

Speaker description:
Zhong Daolong, male, born in 1934 in Qingpu County, Zhejiang Province, People's Liberation Army Major General, Communications Workers "inverse method skillfully learn English," Cheng Zhong Daolong expert author, reverse English founder, video machines inventor. Zhong Daolong 45 years of age began assiduous self-study English listening and speaking, using the dictation method and rote memory and other methods have been integrated to improve the standard of English, only a year, I heard that capability has been greatly improved, from the "do not understand, say the "progress to be able to as a translator, summed English learning inverse method. Over the past decade, people with different levels of guidance inverse method to learn English, have been successful.
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