Studying English at Work

Studying English at Work


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Just use the company's computer, you can back side while working English words!
A first "word associative memory method"
By association association, from a natural association of eight words words, and then words derived from eight more vocabulary.
Two original "tree diagram vocabulary"
Image-based learning can be fully stimulate the right brain to help understand the meaning associated to enhance the memory effect.
3 subdivision man, food, shopping, travel, living five themes
More than 2000 practical vocabulary, phrases, covers your living expenses, with selection of sentences, can get started right away!
4 KK phonetic symbols, phonics
The book vocabulary are marked double pronunciation, to help readers on the correct pronunciation.

Million workers staffing a! Are you always complaining about not find a better job? Work can not be charged? No time to learn? Want but no word back from the start? This book first "word associative memory method", the back one can remember 10! Original "tree diagram word" left and right brain synchronization memory.
With this book the word all OK!
Original text books synchronous learning, the use of work time to recharge your batteries. Studies have shown that associative learning series from the fragmentary information effectively, while increasing the memory depth and memory span!

This book features more than 2000 practical vocabulary, word associative memory method in tandem vocabulary, let you more easily remember words.
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