New Standard Chinese Characters Learning Dictionary

New Standard Chinese Characters Learning Dictionary


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This book is designed for a non-native Chinese Minority Students, Learning and Teaching Chinese Characters Chinese characters for the purpose of multi-kanji learning tool. The book included a "full-time Chinese national school curriculum standards (Trial)" called minority students must master 3000 Chinese characters, introduced each character in the "New Standard" in the word-level, strokes, stroke, Radical, parts, word building and other characters of information, and gives the definitions and example words, sentences.

       This book follows the teaching of Chinese as a second language Chinese rule, try to turn the Chinese character strokes teaching, teaching and whole word teaching components combine to help students are recognized reading, writing and memory kanji, helping minorities to participate in China Chinese Proficiency Level Test (MHK) candidates in the short time to master the most common and the most commonly used Chinese characters, the most basic sense. This book not only for student learning, but also can be used as a supplement classroom teaching Chinese learning materials and teacher preparation, teaching and counseling student reference book.
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