My Chinese Picture Dictionary (Russian Version)

My Chinese Picture Dictionary (Russian Version)


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For a long time, foreign friends to learn Chinese language there is a perception that Chinese difficult to learn. This dictionary associated with the semantic model, the words classified by topic, with a graphic way to explain words, to help learners achieve the learning outcomes easily, difficult to learn Chinese for the elimination of the traditional concept of providing a full range of solutions.
The dictionary theme primarily based Hanban "International Curriculum for Chinese Language Teaching" division, covering all aspects of daily life; topic is using a large scene or continuous small map to show the way real life situations, so that learners in a relatively short period of time, easy and fun way to understand the meaning, to grasp the words. In the vocabulary selection criteria, in line with both word frequency and heavy weight of practical principles, reference to the Chinese media and Chinese textbooks respective countries of word frequency statistics. In addition to nouns, verbs, adjectives, it also contains a lot of phrases to facilitate learners to understand the words with the relationship.
The dictionary has two characteristics: First, the vocabulary is not limited to the performance of a single culture of inclusion, in highlighting elements of Chinese culture, but also take into account cultural diversity. Learners can not only deepen understanding of Chinese culture, improve their Chinese level, the book can also use vocabulary to describe other cultural phenomena; Second, both Chinese traditional and modern two aspects, through the relevant topics introduce traditional culture, while contemporary Chinese people living in close contact, providing readers with a panoramic view of the Chinese experience.
Each entry in this dictionary including simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and Russian interpretation, and the corresponding position in the diagram marked serial number. Spelling of "Modern Chinese Dictionary" (5th edition) and "Xinhua spelling dictionary" as the standard. Book with Chinese and Russian index, the index also particularly marked Chinese Simplified and Traditional different entries....
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