Laugh Die Me

Laugh Die Me


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"Laugh Die Me" main elements: - Common Errors Chinglish Collection; - the great crash of Eastern languages ​​and cultures; - laugh easily acquire knowledge. Is there a book people laughing learning English can make our English learning is no longer boring, boring?

Is there a more contemporary and affinity for English learning books, capable of real fresh breath and breathing, to lead us out of the inherent mode of learning? Let us work together to feel the "killing my English book" The charm of it!

This is a set of images, humor, Lenovo's easy to learn in a book in English. "Killing my English book" systematically collate often made out of 164 Chinglish errors, material all comes from life. In the preparation process, the authors another way, lively stories and clever fusion of common terms which, together with humorous pictures and impressive, easy to improve their English. "Killing my English book" Each article comes with Chinese translation, suitable for all levels of readers to learn to use.

"Laugh Die Me 2," the aim is: laughter high school English. Therefore, we selected the one hundred sixty-two easy topic, we often use the wrong presentation in English, accompanied by relevant knowledge expansion. That look quite Chinese Chinglish, will let you in I can not help but blush haha University: So my English, had so ridiculous!
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