Japanese-Vietnamese Vietnamese-Japanese Dictionary

Japanese-Vietnamese Vietnamese-Japanese Dictionary


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This is a Vietnamese-Japanese and Japanese-Vietnamese dictionary for Vietnamese&Japanese users.

Japanese is one of many popular foreign language and teaching in Vietnam. To meet the learning needs and your search Japanese reading, Japanese dictionary - Vietnam, Vietnam - Vietnam Japan by Tran Thanh author has compiled Synthesis TP publisher. Ho Chi Minh introduced. With about 50,000 commonly used words in all social situations, social life, economy, trade ... hope this book will be very useful for all readers of the Japanese language.


Like all other dictionaries are used in teaching and learning, content dictionaries Japan - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - Japanese sorted, very scientific layout, rational to cover many topics in the field live, work, help readers easily lookup and remember. The reason content dictionaries give only the meaning of words and words without giving relevant examples are compiled for the author to make more of it for faster lookups. In addition, the dictionary has phonetic reading Hiragana.
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