Intermediate Chinese Course 1

Intermediate Chinese Course 1


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This book is "Chinese primary curriculum," the continued and enhanced. Each lesson includes text, new words, phrase usage examples, exercises and reading five parts. Two total about 1,600 words (including words and idioms word compact structure, etc.). The second volume gradually increasing the amount of words in order to close the series of textbooks advanced tutorials asked to read the original level. Note the word of the speech mainly based on the usage of the texts, and and some other common usage. Taking into account students' learning experiences are not necessarily the same as the primary individual tutorials appeared less commonly used words and more difficult to master words, this book again as some new words. Phrase usage examples, concise, not for trivial syntax analysis, nor add English translation release. Repeated practice exercises lesson focuses on common words appear, combined with text content Exercises learned English, including junior high school had some important tutorials linguistic phenomenon. Read the section can be seen as a supplement to practice, the purpose is to make repeated words in the text to make up new words to reproduce the low textbook shortcomings. After reading material with a simple practice, practice ways to facilitate checking whether the answer is correct, may I take class time. Reading material and exercises can also be used with hearing or speaking practice.

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