Intensive Elementary Chinese Course A comprehensive Book 2

Intensive Elementary Chinese Course A comprehensive Book 2


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Intensive Elementary Chinese Course A Comprehensive Book II
Author: Xiao Xiqiang; Zhu Min;
Language: Chinese-English
Page: 297
Publication Date: 05/2008
ISBN: 9787301116739
Publisher: Peking University Press
Series: Intensive Elementary Chinese Course

This tutorial is version Foreign Students' Chinese undergraduate university teaching language skills like planning base reinforcement materials, sub comprehensive textbook textbooks and heard two series of four, both supporting the use, but also need the flexibility to choose.
The main features of this kit are:
1. Comprehensive Chinese teaching skills teaching and speaking skills are combined in comprehensively improve the ability of students to all aspects of Chinese culture while highlighting listening and speaking skills. Two series of textbooks closely. Vocabulary and grammar points focus on each other now and circulation.
2. Will be heard integrated as a textbook, a course simultaneously strengthen and avoid heard of lessons, teaching is not supporting, teaching each other the drawbacks involved.
3. Emphasis on structure, function and culture combine to structure the main line, supplemented by communicative functions, interspersed with cultural background information.
This kit is suitable for undergraduate foreign students Chinese language, Chinese scholars and focus on strengthening teaching a preppy school year....

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