Integrated Chinese Character Workbook Level 2 (Simp and Trad)

Integrated Chinese Character Workbook Level 2 (Simp and Trad)


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This character-writing practice workbook is designed to help students learn Chinese characters in their correct stroke order. It covers all of the characters from the Integrated Chinese, Level 2 textbook, in both the simplified and traditional forms. The layout shows stroke order for each character, as well pinyin and English equivalents. Students practice writing characters in the grid layout provided. What s New in the Second Edition This second edition is divided into two parts: the first part shows how new characters are written component by component, and in the second part, exercises such as crossword puzzles and a pinyin-to-character writing quiz keep learning fun. The new second edition offers a more sophisticated approach to stroke order for the advanced learner: numbered strokes are no longer included, assuming familiarity with character writing.
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