Illustrated Chinese Buzzwords

Illustrated Chinese Buzzwords


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llustrated Chinese Buzzwords
Author: QU, Jing
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
ISBN: 9787119073545
Year: 2012
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 103
Weight(grams): 165
Availability: In stock, dispatched within 2 working days

Chinese Made Easy series: Chinese buzzwords (bilingual. illustration comics) show the most life. the most useful dynamic Chinese Figure with text. graphics highlight. at a glance. for sporadic leisure time to read learning. Dynamic. lifelike images. and text in your mind active. comic cartoons.

This book shows the Chinese to the life, the most useful with text, graphic display, stick out a mile, suitable for the use of sporadic leisure time through learning.Dynamic, vivid images, text, active in your mind the cartoon cartoon, send you a pleasant enjoyment of reading.
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