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"Wang Lu 807 IELTS vocabulary succinctly: Writing articles" 807 words in the IELTS Writing on the market one of the most influential books. 807 words proposed to overturn the previous English vocabulary teaching concept. The first is the number of concepts, a greater emphasis on high-frequency words, all words are selected from the IELTS Answers. IELTS candidates in accordance with the experience over the years, as long as the master writing 807 words, you no longer have IELTS writing vocabulary obstacles. High-frequency vocabulary made ​​to enable candidates to substantially reduce the workload of the word recitation, therefore, 807 words on the Internet has become hot. The second is to explain the concept. Previous vocabulary to explain often from the perspective of mnemonics, and "Wang Lu 807 IELTS vocabulary succinctly: Writing articles" from the perspective of Use. In the vocabulary to explain part of the expansion and sentences have meaning, so that the reader will not only back, but will be used. All material from the perfect combination and practice. "Wang Lu 807 IELTS vocabulary succinctly: Writing articles" is divided into two parts: the 807 and 807 core vocabulary writing writing expand vocabulary.
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