IELTS Writing

IELTS Writing


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I have known Harvey for a few years but his work I have known for longer. I'mhonored to be a part of this fantastic book. This book includes marvelous writingskills and techniques which can and will help the students in rather systematic waysto attain high scores in IELTS writing than any other, not to mention that this bookis like a Bible for IELTS writing.

"The most simplified IELTS Writing" Author view: Aristotle said: "Education is the secret of understanding." Established on the exam requirements and students a deep understanding of the problem, we can really make a seemingly complex task simplification, further simplification, the most simplified. IELTS Writing is the most simplified write 270 words in 15 sentences about the article, if it is five paragraphs, it is each three sentences. "Cambridge IELTS" moonlight clan in the examiner's learning of little value, because there is no routine. Like learning to swim, this is the structure of freestyle, breaststroke style thing I read is the structure, and the other one is butterfly style. Many candidates usually not selected at random to imitate and can not form their own writing routine, on the examination room will become dog paddle. So I wrote this book is an essay full simplest routines - breaststroke style, I hope every day to practice one kind of swimming, you will find it easy to learn to swim. Writing and Speaking belong to the information output is based on the information entered on reading and listening skills, so the average Chinese candidates in writing and speaking low Ding reading and listening. To improve writing, just write is not enough. Still read a lot of good essay, a large number of input the correct information. A good quality essay writing textbooks and replicability satisfied is very important.
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