IELTS Writing Audio CD

IELTS Writing Audio CD


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Wang Jing Jiang Lu 807 words IELTS: Writing articles (with CD 1) [Chinese][Paperback]
Publisher: Machine Press Pub. Date :2009-01-01
Language: Chinese
ISBN-10: 7111219309
ISBN-13: 978-7111219309
Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 13.9 x 1.3 cm
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807 words proposed to overturn the previous concept of teaching English vocabulary. The first is the number of concepts. a greater emphasis on high-frequency words. all the words are selected from the IELTS Answers. IELTS candidates in accordance with the experience over the years. as long as the master writing 807 words. no more words for IELTS writing obstacles. Proposed high-frequency words. to enable candidates to recite the words to fully reduce the workload. therefore. 807 words on the Internet has become hot. The second is to explain the concept. Vocabulary to explain the previous method is often the point of view from memory. and 807 Lu Wang Jing Jiang IELTS Vocabulary: Writing articles from the perspective of use. Explain some of the words have meaning to expand and listen. so that readers will not only back. it will use. All material from Zhenti practice. Wang Jing Jiang Lu 807 words IELTS: Writing articles is divided into two parts: the core vocabulary and writing 807. Writing 807. to expand vocabulary.
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