Huzhou dialect

Huzhou dialect


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Huzhou words, and Shanghai dialect, Suzhou dialect, Wenzhou dialect, etc. belong to a dialect of Wu, Wu Taihu belonging Tiaoxi small pieces (aka Huzhou small pieces). Wu Tiaoxi small pieces including Huzhou Wuxing, Nanxun, Changxing, Anji (above the western border counties except Mandarin migration areas), as well as Hangzhou and Deqing parts (including most of Yuhang District, Riverside East, northern Lake District, Gongshu northern region), with a population of about 3,000,000. In addition, since the late Qing Dynasty Taiping movement caused by migration, Changxing, Anji Huzhou western part of the region there are non-native population Wu, mainly speak Mandarin, Hokkien and other Wu.
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