Correcting Chinese Pronunciation Course

Correcting Chinese Pronunciation Course


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Phonetics and vocabulary, grammar different, mainly not by analysis and memory, but by perception and imitation. First, to be able to listen to distinguish the ear, and then to imitate vocal organs, and finally, in the constant process of imitation to develop new pronunciation habits. The last phase requires the longest time, at this stage it is easy not consciously imitate their mother tongue interference so disfigured, if no one ready to remind, it becomes a habit, the formation of a foreign accent.

The most important feature of this material is highly relevant, compiled in the "Foreword" submitted strive to embody the "remedy, targeted" principle, can be said that the main line of this writing, the text before the "Voice Survey Form" is the book's outline, the purpose is to find the students "disease" and "the", looking for a "disease" and "the" is it possible to cure the patient, vector is not vain. In addition to the text first, "Hanyu Pinyin Basics" is a review of the nature, the rest of the sections has its relative independence, which first study, which, after school, which can not learn to be based on "Voice Survey form" investigation to determine the structure, focus on solving practical problems, does not require knowledge of the systematic, it is this other voice teaching materials and the biggest difference outside....
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