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Due to historical and geographical reasons, Cantonese and Mandarin dialect differences, differences mainly in the voice and vocabulary . The dictionary can help foreigners learn Cantonese dialect , it can help people read Cantonese dialect literature, drama workers to local dialects broadcasters to provide a reference .
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With the development of China's socialist modernization , people interact with one another to increase , we feel more and more obstacles to overcome dialect necessary and important , is especially true in the dialect . Therefore, we must actively promote Putonghua through various means .
Due to historical and geographical reasons, Cantonese and Mandarin dialects are quite different . Differences mainly in the voice and vocabulary . The main purpose of the preparation of this dictionary is to think through the Cantonese dialect Representative - Cantonese and Mandarin vocabulary vocabulary contrast , as well as the characteristics of Cantonese dialect word analysis to help people more accurately regional dialects to learn and use Mandarin vocabulary ; through a some dialects entry grammatical phenomena involved in the analysis and comparison with the mandarin to help people grasp the regional dialect and Mandarin dialect differences in grammar . Most people are still in the dialect as communication tool for everyday use in the case , the dictionary can also help to Cantonese dialect area to outsiders to learn and master Cantonese dialect. It can also help the masses to read Cantonese dialect literature, drama workers to local dialects broadcasters to provide a reference . Of course, as a dialect dictionary , it can enrich the vocabulary of national common language for the standardization of Chinese , Chinese dialects for in-depth study of Chinese history and provide some materials .

Cantonese dialect spoken in Guangdong, central, western , northern and southeastern Guangxi large areas . Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia , North America and overseas , there are many speak the dialect . It is estimated that the population in the Cantonese dialect used more than 40 million . Therefore, it is important Chinese dialects . Cantonese dialect in parts of many small lines , of which the most representative Guangzhou dialect . The dictionary is collected daily use Cantonese dialect vocabulary. As dialect industry terminology , with very few popular broad, general charge. Variety of dialects onomatopoeia also received only a small part . Hong Kong and Macao prevailing Cantonese dialect has many unique words, we only charge a some .

While in Cantonese dialect Cantonese very representative , but it does not regulate itself there are many phenomena , both voice and vocabulary particularly prominent . Guangzhou city has a considerable number of people n, l , regardless , ng, ○ ( zero initial ) , regardless. Specific pronunciation also tend to have differences, the same word has different versions , dialect words are not exactly the same words . Meanwhile, the development of language , the pronunciation has changed a lot , or initials changed, or vowel change , or tone different. For these, we have made ​​a different treatment depending on the specific situation , or eclectic, or a decision by the majority of people's habit of choice . Thus, for some readers, this dictionary is likely in some places with his actual argument differ , it is difficult to avoid.

The dictionary in the preparation process, get support and help from many people , grateful .
Limited to our level , it is inevitable falsehood , expect all aspects of criticism , enlighten me .
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