A Dictionary of English Proverbs

A Dictionary of English Proverbs


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"Dictionary of English Proverbs" carefully selected British and American proverb dictionary published authoritative sources as the basis for entry to protect the scientific accuracy of the entries.
The number of entries collected over similar existing dictionary, reaching more than 15,770 articles.
Does not rigidly adhere to a translation, in the same circumstances to ensure meaningful, both literal translation is given a variety of translation.
Author of proverbs published, the original note, filling, shaped reference, the first time launched a thorough collection and systematic research.
Creation of retrieval thesaurus. The book is the aid of computer technology, the core sequence of proverbs entries prepared by keyword entry retrieval system, when you want it.
After the body with "British administrative divisions", "" Bible "title and the abbreviation", "Shakespeare" and "Old English and Middle English Introduction" fourth appendix.
About the author:
Zhusheng, professor at Nanjing University, 1931 Ann was born in Zhejiang Sohail hatred Lake, graduated from Nanjing University Department of Foreign Languages ​​in 1945, and stayed in English, Russian, translation, Russian literature, the future library science teaching and research work, the works including foreign language and literature, educational theory, teaching methods and information systems research, and translation, teaching materials, travel and so on.
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