A dictionary of English idioms with bilingual

A dictionary of English idioms with bilingual


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"Bilingual English idiom dictionary" is a British scholar John O. E. Clark write, Harra. p. Ltd 1988 published A Dictionary of English Idioms compiled from the main reference. With English words and idioms to Chinese students is a major problem, learning English can correct understanding and flexibility in the use of words and phrase match is crucial. To help high school students and workers to better learn English and use of English idioms, we have compiled this dictionary. During compilation, we according to the actual situation of teaching English dictionary for a certain amount of the original selection, and made the appropriate additions to make it more suitable for the needs of English language teaching.
The dictionary of contemporary English idioms have received nearly ten thousand one thousand, each of the entries are in English and Chinese interpretation of interpretation, and at least with a how to use the phrase of the sentence. Examples authentic language, concise and practical. Translation to be accurate and smooth. For some phrases in the source and difficult to understand, difficult to master the use of front and rear with a relationship, they are making appropriate comments and descriptions. The dictionary words in alphabetical order according to the center, a center of the word in each entry word, the usual word article in alphabetical order. As in a conventional words, by there is more than one word can be seen as the center of the word, then take one word as the center of the word, the other word is included in the cross-reference entries (see description style), easy for readers .
The dictionary A-I, S-Z section compiled by the Regents as comrades; J-R part of the compilation by the GAO Jun Hua comrades. English professor courtesy of Shanghai Foreign Languages ​​Institute Mr. Hu Shuzhong 全书完 whole draft after draft of a careful revised. In this heartfelt thanks.
The dictionary for large, medium school teachers and students, English learners, English self-learners and translators to use. Since the compiler are limited, and the lack of experience in writing dictionaries, shortcomings and mistakes are inevitable, please readers favorably corrected.
Compiled by
In May 1991 in Shanghai Foreign Language Institute
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