100 American Jokes

100 American Jokes


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Book is a selection of 100 American short jokes, the content easy to understand, humorous, accurate and refined language, English language learners for all kinds of reading, back education, play entertaining role. Make the reader laugh or suddenly or comprehend the same time, a deep understanding of spoken American English habits, and Americans view of things for some people to grasp the American joke mode.
Apart from our choice one hundred classic joke book, but also lists 16 groups jokes prologue. Meanwhile, behind every joke is accompanied by background notes for the content of jokes made ​​relevant historical and cultural background of Shao, for certain words and grammar also made detailed notes, can not only help the reader understand the joke, and can land Road, American English jokes to others. Truly smiling high school English in the humor they learn culture.

•1) A ten-year-old student asked, “Teacher, would you punish me for something I didn’t do?” “of course not ,” the teacher replied. The kid said, “Good, because I didn’t do my homework.”

•2) A kid asked his dad, “Hey, Pop, can you write in the dark?” The dad answered, “Sure, What do you want me to write?” The boy said, “Your name on this report card.”

•3) A little girl was lost, so she went up to a policeman and said, “I’ve lost my mom!” The cop said, “What’s she like?” The little girl replied, “Shopping and gossiping!”

•4) A tricky girl said, “Mom, I got a one hundred in school today!” The mom replied, “Great, sweetie, tell me about it.” The girl reluctantly said, “Well, I got a twenty in math, a thirty in history and a fifty in spelling.”

•5) A little boy told his dad he flunked his math test. The father asked his son why. The kid replied, “The math whiz who sits next to me was absent on the day of the test.

•6) A concerned teacher said, “I hope I don’t see anyone looking at another student’s paper.” A student murmured to another, “We hope you don’t either!”

•7) A boy told his mom she was awful at raising kids. She replied , “Hold your tongue. That’s not true!” The boy said, “Then why do you send me to bed when I’m not tired and wake me up in the morning when I am?”

•8) A father told his son, “When Lincoln was your age he walked ten miles to school every day.” The kid replied, “Well, when he was your age, he was president!”

•9) A kid said to his dad, “Pop, my teacher asked me if I had any younger siblings who will be coming to school.” The dad replied, “What did your teacher say when you told him you are an only child?” The kis answered, ”He said, ‘Thank goodness!’”

•10) An elementary school teacher asked a student why he was late. He replied, ”A nearby sign said ’School ahead, slow down, go slow.’ so that’s what I did.”

•11) A man and his son were riding in the car. The man said to his son, “ could you check and see if the direction lights are working on your side of the window and said, “Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no…”
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