The Elementary Chinese for Everyone

The Elementary Chinese for Everyone


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"Popular Chinese" sub-junior and senior of the book, the two, a total of four. The suit has not yet learned the primary or have learned very little about Chinese beginners to use. The primary school completion to meet basic daily living, learning, and a range of social needs, reaches into the science and engineering faculties in Chinese learning standards, with access to Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Elementary "Chinese Proficiency Certificate" C-level capability.
Primary schools overseas to meet the academic shorter hours less features, appropriate to reduce the number of lessons, vocabulary and grammar points and a total of 60 lessons, born 1982 words, 164 grammar points. Each lesson 4 hours (hours by 45 minutes a calculation), two takes about 240 hours.
Foreigners Chinese course content needs of various levels in descending order are ︰ everyday language, social life, political affairs, economy and trade, literature, traditional culture, history, knowledge, local customs and tourist culture. In order to meet the needs of learners at home and abroad, teaching literature is divided into articles (10 lessons), cultural articles (5 classes), social hot articles (10 lessons) and economic and trade articles (5 lessons). On the basis of ensuring the quality, great attention to the reality of selection, diversity and fun, so that the text fascinating wins, readable resistant to reading.
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