Aug 24, 2013

Success with New HSK [Level 6] Comprehensive Practice + Writing [MP3-CD]


This book is a comprehensive practice & writing book based on 'Outline of the New Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (level six)' promulgated by Hanban. The book consists of five sets of comprehensive training question papers and 10 sets of written training exercises. Each comprehensive question paper is accompanied by texts of listening comprehension, the reference answers and detailed analysis for some questions. There is also the short guidance and advice for the narrative articles before the writings. The questions of this book is keeping consistent with the 'Outline of the New Chinese Proficiency Test HSK (level six)'in the questions types, corpus genre, length, difficulty, etc., maximizing the coverage of the testing points required to master by the test outline, better testing and reflecting the student's language level and facilitating students to improve their examination capacity.
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