Speaking teacher training tutorial

Speaking teacher training tutorial


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Since May 1993, the former State Education Commission issued the "Teachers 'Oral Curriculum Teachers' College has, unknowingly been for several years. However, for various reasons, to date, bear the "Teachers' Spoken Language teachers who still often encounter someone asked:" Teacher speaking, this is a what course? "

Understanding this course from the theoretical point of view, it is not complicated. According to the Teachers' tongue Curriculum Teachers' College in the introduction, this is a "law of Teacher Oral use an applied language learning, is to develop students' ability to use spoken language in education, teaching and other work under the theoretical guidance practice a strong curriculum, this course is to train all students of Normal Teaching Skills required course. " The aim of the course is offered, it is to "educate students to love the motherland and language, conscientiously study and actively implement the State Language Work policies, to enhance awareness of the language specification; use standard or more standard Mandarin oral communication; preliminary master the use of teachers Vocational language teaching basic skills education, and is able to spoken language students and children to guide, facilitate improving the nation's language quality. "

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