Pupil Synonym Antonym manual

Pupil Synonym Antonym manual


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"Primary synonyms antonyms Handbook" according to the language of the new Ministry of Education curriculum standards, and consolidated the country's primary school language teaching and Shanghai version written in primary school language teaching materials. The book income in primary school language teaching synonyms (including synonyms) and antonyms. "Primary synonyms antonyms Handbook" The main features are: (1) the content and practical: the syllabus and textbooks as the main body, combined with the learning characteristics of students, both to meet the needs of language learning courses, but also to help students expand vocabulary, improve reading capacity and ability to use words. (2) Good Zha handy: before the text of a detailed phonetic index, page numbers are marked on the text page can be found directly once the desired entry. "Primary synonyms antonyms Handbook" for primary language learning, language teacher education are also available for reference and parent counseling purposes.

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