Practical English Comprehensive Course - Audio

Practical English Comprehensive Course - Audio


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This book PLA Institute of International Relations Professor Feng Jianzhong edited "English interpreters real practice" of a companion, is a comprehensive social and economic life involving China, interpreting skills and interpreting financial practice in one of the Practical English interpreters tutorials. This masterpiece focused English Translation million words, both Chinese Translation, sub-22 unit. The first three units for interpretation notes, digital interpretation and Sayings interpretation methods and related links. After 19 units were foreign affairs reception, our foreign policy, political system, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Tibet, human rights, economic, trade, environmental protection, tourism, education, culture, population, health, sports, ethnic and religious, high-science and technology and defense topics. Each unit by background knowledge, discussion questions, expressions, interpreting exercises, functional skills or practical knowledge and contact reference translation and other six parts. This book content is new, wide coverage, informative, content versatility, policy, knowledge, practicality and fun in one, to better reflect the basic law interpreting teaching and interpreting the basic features and procedures, with strong flavor of the times. This book is both a textbook interpretation, but also a useful tool.
This book is intended for use as a national college English majors and graduate high school students, English teachers, foreign workers and the majority of English fans. This book can also be understood as a reference book for our government policies.

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